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What You Get: 6 Herbal Formulas.


Plant Based Anti-Virus Herbal Formula

Complete Cell Cleanse Formula

Herbal Immune Booster

Oregano/Olive Leaf Combo Oil

Plant Based Iron

Blood Purifier Formula

Every kit comes with two 15 mins consultation by Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp also a customized Meal Plan for you. We're here to support and motivate you along your journey. Happy Healing ☀️🌿💚🍃


What Causes Herpes?

It’s important to understand what causes herpes and how it spreads.

The herpes simplex virus (HSV) causes people to develop herpes. Two types of HSV lead to herpes outbreaks:

An infection from HSV type 1 (HSV-1) usually causes herpes sores to form around the outside of your mouth, commonly referred to as cold sores. An oral herpes outbreak is contagious and can be passed to another person through oral contact.

An infection from HSV type 2 (HSV-2) usually causes genital herpes. The symptoms of genital herpes are sores on the genitals or around the genital area, including the pubic area, anus, and even the upper thighs. HSV-2 spreads from one person to another through sexual contact.

It’s possible to spread oral herpes to the genitals and vice versa.

A diagnosis of genital herpes comes with a greater social stigma than oral herpes, but even a common cold sore can lead to feelings of shame and fear of social ostracization.


Healing Garden herbal formulas and herb oils have emerged as natural solutions for killing this virus. Due to their antiviral properties and ability to strengthen your immune system, adding these herbs and herbal supplements to your diet will change your life as it has for many.


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