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Health Plan

  • Best Value


    Every month
    1 on 1 Consultation, Monthly Healing Meal Plan and Lifestyle Hacking Tools
     30 day free trial
    • 1. Get a 15 mins consultation for your health concerns.
    • 2. Chef Tijani’s healing meal recipes.
    • 3. Customized grocery shopping list.
    • 4. Activity ideas, Affirmations, Simple Meditations & more

Let us hold your hands every step along your healing journey, to support, motivate and assist you with the knowledge to heal yourself.

Eat, Exercise, and Enjoy your journey to  good health.



  1. Health Consultation (Questionnaire)

Share with us your health concerns, issues or questions and we will respond with a customized health journey plan.


  1. Healing Journey Meal Plans

Chef Tijani’s weekly healing meal plans allow you to eat healthier while saving time and money. Our delicious, energizing meals includes a grocery shopping list, nutritious recipes and health information to provide you amazing healing benefits.


  1. Lifestyle Hacking Tools

  2. Activity ideas, Affirmations, Simple Meditations & Wellness Guidance.

Take Action and Join Us!


Most people are paying health insurance companies thousands of dollars and not seeing any results. They are paying doctors hundreds and not getting the results they need. Joining our "Healing Journey Plan" you’ll get not only the answers but the results you’re seeking. Boost your immune system and general health with this comprehensive plan explaining in details how your body reacts to food and its ability to heal and create health. You will learn about the herbs, supplements and remedies to help you get rid of these dis-eases plus much more. Many in our community immediately lose their "toxic bloat" weight and generally feel better after implementing our plan. Some see an increase in energy by decreasing their body toxicity. Tap in and let us help you discover a way of living that will improve your immune response efficiency, overall health and energy, digestion, and sleep while helping you to reach and maintain your ideal weight and stamina. Become active in living a fruitful, happy and healthy life. God Bless!

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