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Muslim Self Care Wellness Retreat



If you’re a parent, teacher, nurse, or someone who generally puts all your effort into taking care of others, this one’s for you. Take this time to get back to the core of who you are and what lights you up. Here are a few ideas for you to include in your self-care wellness retreat.

  • Wake up naturally on your own terms

  • Read one of our amazing self-discovery books for pure pleasure

  • Journal about your favorite memories, pastimes, foods, movies, anything that reminds you of who you are

  • Since you’re close by, visit the beach to take care-free stroll

  • Make a healthy, gourmet version of your favorite Chef Tijani dish.


You’re always on the go, planning, optimizing every aspect of your life. You’re busy climbing corporate ladders, creating empires, and leading others and burnout is always just around the corner. If that sounds like you, try letting your yin/feminine energy take the lead.

  • Try our guided meditation which may be easier for your productivity-oriented brain

  • Make something with your hands to get out of your own head for a while

  • Journal about your ideal life. Are your achievements and goals aligned with what would make you truly happy?

  • Do something physical that’s outside of your comfort zone, like our instructive yoga class.


Feeling deeply is your forte. You’re empathetic, emotional, and feel overwhelmed easily by the world around you. Taking care of your emotional wellbeing ranks high on your retreat wishlist. Whatever you do, stay away from news and social media.

  • Hygge up your space by surrounding yourself with cozy blankets, pillows, candles, and soft socks

  • Take one of our nourishing bath with detoxifying Epsom salts, uplifting essential oils, and real flower petals for a little spark of beauty

  • Write a gratitude journal entry or an encouraging letter to your younger self

  • Take a hike in our nearest park


Whether you’re a maker, an artist, a writer, or an entrepreneur, putting your creativity out into the world requires vulnerability, confidence, and a steady slew of new ideas. Use your self-care retreat to give yourself permission to guard your soul for a change and seek inspiration from the world around you.

  • Explore our local museums or cultural events

  • Have a picnic at one of our amazing beach front

  • Boost your zen with an adult coloring book

  • Take yourself on a mindful photography walk and pay attention to the tiny details of beautiful South Florida

  • Make a mind map in your journal to unclutter your mind and make new creative associations

Enjoy a guided retreat for self-care, self-discovery, and well-being.

Escape the noise, pressure, societal expectations, comparison traps, and volatile political climate that has us all feeling worn down and not living our best lives.

Self-care, mindfulness and all things wellbeing.

  1. Healthy gourmet meal plans.

  2. Chef Tijani recipes.

  3. Alkaline food grocery list.


Stress Relief Activities

  1. One hour healing massage session using Jamaica Organics anointing oil.

  2. One hour session of art class.

  3. List of vegan restaurants, cultural centers and local events


Treat yourself to a self-care wellness retreat today.

Our Self Care Wellness Retreat is the antidote to the toll that daily stress takes on our mind, body, spirit.


Come luxuriate yourself in pool-side pampering sessions and eat healthy meals under swaying palm trees.


Minimalism, journaling, your mental health awareness.

  1. Directions to the local farmers market.

  2. Step by step cooking instructions.

  3. Detox and healing bath packages with instructions.


Our amazing library of books for personal development and self-discovery.

Just as in travel, reading books for self-discovery can shift our perspective, open our eyes to new worldviews, inspire us to make change and perhaps most importantly, encourage a growth mindset that we can live our lives by every day.

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