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Consultation, Meal Plans & more

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Greetings Healing Garden Family! 👋🏽

Thanks for being a part of the Healing Journey, we’ve created an amazing community of health conscious folks. Everyday we receive calls and messages asking for natural medicine which will improve your health and also the type of diet that you should eat to facilitate your healing process 💪🏽

We understand that there are different levels of support needed and some people have missed the opportunity to change their lives. Normally consultations would start $150 and meal plans are $50 monthly. In order to provide support for all types of budget and needs, we've launched the "Healing Journey Plan". This plan gives everyone the chance to a consultation, lifestyle/diet recommendation and guided plan to fix your lifestyle, for the cost of a drink each month.

The Healing Journey Plan:

Let us hold your hands every step along your healing journey, to support, motivate and assist you with the knowledge to heal yourself. Eat, Drink, and Enjoy your journey to good health.

Here’s what you get!


  1. Health Consultation (Questionnaire)

Share with us your health concerns, issues or questions and we will respond with a customized health journey plan.

2. Healing Journey Meal Plans

Chef Tijani’s weekly healing meal plans allow you to eat healthier while saving time and money. Our delicious, energizing meals includes a grocery shopping list, nutritious recipes and health information to provide you amazing healing benefits.

3. Lifestyle Hacking Tools

Activity ideas, Affirmations, Simple Meditations & Wellness Guidance.

Join our Healing Journey Plan for FREE!

If you enjoy the journey continue for only $4.99 per month.

Take back your health and become the healthiest version of yourself.

Click the link 👇🏽

Provided by Chef Tijani


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