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Asthma + Diabetes via the lung is a target organ for diabetic injury but is however a relatively less explored niche, and ‘diabetic pneumopathy’ is not a known entity in medical literature. It has been found that when compared to the general population of the same age, people with type 2 diabetes have a higher prevalence of respiratory symptoms, such as asthma, dyspnea, chronic cough, and phlegm.

As a result, The Healing Garden has developed distinct patient-centered clinical guidelines and novel therapeutic approaches which are required for such a subset of patients. Thus, the exploration of prognostic and therapeutic implications of the association between asthma and diabetes can pave the way for the development of better clinical practice algorithms, which would improve the quality of life for patients in whom both these chronic diseases are co-existent.

Our Study at The Healing Garden to Help Improve Early evaluation and management of risk factors leading to Diabetes found that persons with asthma had a 33% higher chance of transitioning to type 2 diabetes (p = 0.020). This indicates that asthma is one of the predictors of its development. The prevalence of concurrent asthma and diabetes has been found to be as high as 16%, and thus, the healthcare burden of the multimorbidity of these chronic diseases is massive. The Healing Garden knowing this has developed a herbal therapeutic treatment kit to tackle and destroy both ailments at the same damn time.


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