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Package includes:


Free Radical Cleanse

Anti Virus Herbal Formula

Complete Cell Cleanse

Herbal Immunce Booster

Oregano/Black Seed/ Olive Leaf Formula

Plant-Based Iron

Parasite Cleanse Tea


Cancer is NOT a death sentence, there is HOPE!
 Are you ready to take control of your health?

Leave behind fear and confusion and discover non-toxic, personalized cancer care at Healing In The Garden™

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is challenging to say the least — but if you or someone you love has been diagnosed with any stage or type of cancer, we can help. There is hope!

By offering personalized treatment programs, unparalleled access to the world’s safest natural & non-toxic cancer therapies, and the highest quality of patient care, we’ve been able to help thousands of patients like you experience long-term healing.

1. Get treatment that strengthens your body

2. Receive healthcare that empowers you

3. Enjoy a better quality of life

4. Make long term plans again

5. Beat the odds

At Healing In The Garden, we recognize that no two patients are the same, and we believe treatment shouldn’t be either. That’s why we tailor our world-renowned healing program to each individual’s specific needs, diagnosis, and medical background to ensure the most comprehensive care possible. 

Utilizing our foundational treatment philosophy, the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy, we address the mental, physical, and emotional facets of disease to promote all-encompassing and long-lasting healing. This whole-body approach incorporates the best integrative and holistic technologies and treatments to strategically target any type of cancer at its roots while simultaneously supporting and stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. 

We believe that a well-rounded treatment not only treats disease but heals the person. That’s why we use the Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy as the foundation of our whole-body approach to fighting cancer.

Identified by Master Herbalist Sayeed Tijani CMH, each principle addresses aspects of the mind, body, or spirit that cancer affects. True recovery requires all principles to be part of the healing equation. When these elements work in tandem, we can improve the quality of life and heal the roots of cancer, rather than just reduce the symptoms.


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  • The average treatment time with Healing In The Garden is six months. Two follow-up visits are also included in most treatment plans along with a year of email and telephone support. We walk with you each step of the way. Following our Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy, our treatment methods focus on both targeting cancer cells and changing the body’s environment to a healthier anti-cancer state.


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