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This Kit contains: 1 Bag of Weight Loss Tea, 1 Bag of Flat Belly Tea (Flusher), 1 Bottle of Plant-Based Multivitamin & 1 Bottle of Herbal Immune Booster.


Healing In The Garden Weight Loss Support Kit is designed for any man or woman looking to boost energy, enhance metabolism, suppress appetite and live an active and healthy lifestyle! This exclusive bundle combines 5 unique products together that work synergistically to help you reach your health and fitness goals!

Featuring a custom assortment of herbal extracts, natural catechins, and other natural ingredients; This kit will help give you the energy you need to finish a hard day of work!

Our Kinetic Energy Powder is a gentle 30-day whole body supplement that utilizes herbal extracts to help support natural body function. Our bodies undergo constant stress and sometimes you need to press the RESTART button. This will help eliminate toxin buildup in the body and get your digestion and adreno glands back in check.


The Flusher our Flat Belly Tea is a gentle nighttime cleanse that will help purify the body of unwanted toxins. Sleep is extremely important for regulating hormone levels, metabolism, and cortisol levels. Lack of sleep can result in weight gain and mood issues. Wake up feeling refreshed and recharged with the aid of The Flusher.

These herbs are essential for a healthy and strong body. We put the body under constant stress from daily activities and exercise which makes healing so very important. Our Weight Loss Support Kit was designed to help detoxify the body and regulate your metabolism through digestion management.


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